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You've taken the first step towards an easier and more enjoyable life with your dog!

Dog training isn't all about the dogs, it's about you. Dogs are meant to add joy to our lives, but so often, they add stress instead. Like most relationship issues, this is usually due to communication issues and misunderstanding between us and our canine best friends.

Our dogs live with us for a long time. When we first bring them home. we want to provide the best possible care for them and this means investing in health care, bedding, safe toys and a quality diet.

Just like we invest in preventative health care, investing in training can prevent a lifetime of unnecessary issues, yet this important part of a dog's life is often overlooked.

By starting training early - whether you have adopted an older dog or a young puppy, many serious behavior issues can be avoided, and you can develop an understanding of how your dog learns so that you can confidently teach them through any stumbles that you may come across throughout the rest of their lives.

A well mannered dog not only saves you money on vet bills and further behavioral training, but they are a much happier dog and are a lot more fun to live with.

Having a closer bond and strong relationship can be achieved through training With Belynda Moore and any trainers at Emerald Meadows Canine.

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Our Classes

Enjoy personalized training tailored specifically for you and your dog!

Puppy 101 Course

Getting a brand new puppy can be an exciting yet challenging experience, especially for first-time dog owners. It's common for unexpected issues to arise, and having the guidance and support of a trainer and the information of this structured course can be immensely beneficial. Many clients have enjoyed this course and have greatly appreciated its benefit!

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Private Lessons

Come check us out and get a taste of how we can help you better communicate with your dog! Learn strong foundation training and even how to walk your dog on a leash in just one single lesson! Many clients say they get as much or way more information out of one lesson here as they do in three or four lessons at any other business around!

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Group Classes

These classes are designed to confirm your skills and give your dog the distraction training needed to handle every day life. Many people struggle with the simplest of tasks with their dogs from taking them to the vet, walking on a leash, socializing, coming when called as well as anxiety, fear or aggression. These classes will hone these skills to the best of your ability!

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Master Behavior Reform

Fear, anxiety or aggression, dogs seek comfort thru aggression while dealing with anxiety. Learning quickly that they get "feel good" results by acting out. This course teaches YOU how to give your dog positive ways of coping with anxiety, pent up energy and frustration thru balanced training methods!

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Platinum Program

Let me do the hard work for you. In this ultimate package I'll take your dog home with me to live as part of the family with us and our dogs.

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Gold Program

This program is for you if your dog is a blank slate and needs a little more time for training, or you want to achieve off leash reliability out of the home.

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Silver Program

When you come home to a happy dog who listens to you the first time, day to day life is easier for both of you. This program will achieve those good manners that make people say, "what a good dog!"

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Bronze Program

If you just want better manners around the home and to know how to have your dog understand what you want and to listen- We'll take the confusion and stress out of training your dog and get you started with the most essential training you need so that life with your dog gets easier and more fun.

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If your puppy needs a little more finesse or extra time for training some behavior issues or is starting from scratch, then you will want to start here!

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Puppy Kindergarten

You will be able to get through puppy hood challenges with the right guidance every step of the way so that your puppy can grow up to be a confident dog (and you can sleep better at night).

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Training Classes & Dog Psychology

*The Aggressive Dog Specialists!* Helping dogs and owners with:

  • Food Aggression
  • Dog/ Human Aggression
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Timid or Fearful
  • Fear Biters/ Aggression
  • Territorial
  • Obsessive Behavior
  • You Name it!

Real Life Dog Training

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Experience Counts

Our Dog Trainer has over 30 years experience training dogs and owners how to communicate effectively. That is a total of over 55,000 hours! This experience is vital to understanding how dogs think and learn! Educating owners and giving them the vital foundation skills needed to become a more effective pack leader and communicator is the key to creating the best possible outcome for you and your family!

Learn the importance of proper puppy rearing and what becoming the pack leader truly means. Having trouble walking or controlling your dog? Does he come when you call him? If you have a nervous or aggressive dog, we can help. It's our specialty! No dog is too much for us to handle! Dog training is a natural way of being for the dog and will make you and him a much happier unit. So get started right away and don't miss out on the joy and harmony that training will give you.

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Based on a referral from a friend, I contacted Belynda Moore to see if she could help us with our 4 year old lab. After a one hour lesson, our lab no longer pulls of her leash, a habit she had for 3 1/2 years. Belynda knows what she is doing and it was the best money we have spent on our dog. I now enjoy taking her for walks, instead of her taking me for a walk! I would recommend her to anyone who has a problem with their dog’s behavior.

Sherry in Seattle

A few days after adopting Rocky I realized he had separation anxiety. It was so bad that one time he even destroyed an entire door in my apartment. I tried hard to work with him on my own, but when my resources weren’t cutting it I searched on-line for a trainer. Luckily I found Belynda. After a one hour in-home session, she was able to give me valuable tips and tricks to help Rocky and to save my home from further destruction. Belynda’s expertise and guidance gave both Rocky and I the help we needed.. Thank you!

Carrie from Tacoma

Belynda has been a life saver for Rocky and the family. Her style of teaching made it easy for the dog and us to understand. We now have a dog that we can enjoy. Thanks!

C & M Hale from Tacoma

A+ Excellent training! I would recommend this class to anyone. Thanks!

Larry from Bonney Lake

Belynda Moore provides keen insight into the mind of a dog. Techniques are shown to effectively communicate to a dog what you expect in their behavior. My cattle dog thoroughly enjoyed the training…but the training really is focused on developing the owner to be an assertive leader and a clear communicator.

Steve from Eatonville

We got our dog (a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Toller for short) as an untrained 8 month old, not very interested in retrieving. Within 3 months, she’s still less than a year old, we have a solid obedience foundation, she is doing double & triple marks, blind retrieves and are set for her first Hunt Test.
Whenever someone asks about dog training, I mention your name and website.

Your foundation was more than that:

– Local vet knowledge/recommendation;
– The whip and toy for prey drive (Flirt Pole);
– Adding some real meat to her training treats for motivation;
– Group sessions and working around other dogs;
– The glove (fetch training);
– Force fetch;
– Retrieving the farther of 2 objects first;
– etc, etc……

Brian & Vages

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