STAR PUPPY PLUS When Kindergarten Just isn't Enough!

Starting strong only gets you the most out of your puppy’s genetic make up!

Your pup will learn the essential commands and manners needed to be the star of the neighborhood! This course will give you that extra step to guiding you through the tough challenges that you may be facing. A real solid start for your puppy so you will be delighted to make the extra effort this course demands!

Ideal for puppies 3-6 months of age or those that have some tough behavioral issues coming to the surface.


These inclusions will help you get the best results from working with us during your training program:

  • 5 private lessons up to 45 min. each
  • 3 months of group classes to help socialize your pup and begin distraction training
  • A full written guide to commands and their definitions to guide you through each step ($100 value)
  • A lesson handbook to keep you on track for each session ($50 value)
  • Small bag of premium training treats
  • Training treat pouch to help you with your timing
  • 30 Foot longline for off leash introduction
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The Genetic Role:


Puppies come with a clean slate but also can come with genetic issues that play a very important part of their development! Proper socializing and training will bring out the best of the hand your pup was dealt. Your puppy will learn how to cope with these faults if you do your job correctly!

Knowing how to work with genetic issues is what will create a great dog for your family despite the challenges that are seeded deep within! Contact us today to get your puppy the best start to a long life with you and your family!

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  • Price: $815