Trainer, Belynda Moore

Belynda started training dogs in 1987 and then started training professionally in 1994 after a long apprenticeship and training clinic hours. During her time training professionally, she has continued her knowledge as a trainer by continuous education through additional clinics and learning different styles of training including the most important part of training a dog, Dog Psychology. Many people have a tendency to think their dog as human resulting in treating them in a way that they forget the thought process of the dog and end up with some severe behavioral issues. It is not to say that treating your dog like your baby is bad, it is that you need to remember that they are dogs and need to be thought of as a dog first and then your baby second. Once this happens then many undesired behaviors will disappear and then you will have a happy, healthy balanced dog that everyone can enjoy.

Emerald Meadows

Emerald Meadows is based out of Graham, WA and serves the Pierce and South King Counties with in-home counseling services. Obedience classes are held in the Puyallup and Graham areas on an appointment basis so classes can start any time. Belynda teaches primarily private classes with assistant dogs and distractions added into the class when needed. This enables the client top value for their dollar as they receive full attention and get instant help with any handling issues and the best coaching possible to learn how to train your own dog and become the best pack leader of the home. Learning this will enable the owner to be capable of handling new problems and situations that may arise during the life of the dog. With the 8 week Obedience course those who dedicate their time and effort into the class will end up with a dog that is reliable and excellent to be able to take to the park on or off leash, leave them in a long stay command and be able to walk out of sight, with distractions brewing and know that the dog understands that they must stay there for however long they are asked to.

Aggressive Dogs

Fearful and Anxious dogs are just as dangerous to others and to themselves as an aggressive dog. Most dogs with this behavior will show signs of aggression in one form or another. The remainder is always in an awful state of mind that is very unhealthy and they become a hazard to themselves with the threat of running away or hiding in a dangerous place where they could get hurt or even killed. Just imagine being nervous all the time and the feeling you have in your gut. This is very exhausting and can lead to premature health issues as well as this is not a happy way to live. It's the same with your dog. You cannot tell your dog that they do not need to be afraid of something simply because you said so. You must know how to let them handle the stress in a constructive manner that is both going to make them feel safe, happy and healthy. Avoiding stress just teaches them that it is expectable to you for them to live in fear all the time and encourages the negative behavior. Who wants to let their dog feel this way for the rest of their life?

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